Revue de presse 2012

Press Review

SuperYacht World - #26 - July / August 2012
Floating Asset - September /October 2012

September /October 2012
Floating Asset

One of the most progressive superyacht builders in recent years, CMN Yachts have built some true "icons" of the superyacht world, with its yachts "Cloud 9", "Slipstream" and "Netanya 8" being launched to international acclaim.

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SuperYacht World - #26 - July / August 2012
SuperYacht World - #26 - July / August 2012

July / August 2012
SuperYacht World - #26
CMN ProJect One
Space in abundance aboard One

Despite the slender profile and streamlined lines, CMN claims that the 65-metre Project One has “the volume of a 70-75-metre”. So how has the yard pulled off this trick?

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Yacht investor- #23 - april 2012
Yacht investor- #23 - april 2012

April 2012-06-18
Yacht Investor #1
This is the life… afloat on CMN 60m CLOUD 9

There are many reasons why luxury yachting is an attractive choice. The lap of water on the hull, fresh air and an empty horizon all help to relax and clear the head. Privacy, prestige and exclusivity also factor.

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Yacht première - n°23
Yacht première - n°23

Yacht premère - n°23
Project One Motor Yacht by CMN Design Team

Previewed at the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show last year, the Project ONE concept for a 65-metre yacht is the work of French shipyard CMN. Developed entirely in-house by the CMN Design Team, the new design is one...

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Mer & Bateaux n°182 - Avril Mai 2012
Mer & Bateaux n°182 - Avril Mai 2012

Avril-Mai 2012
Mer & Bateaux - N°182

Pour ce projet conçu 100% en interne, CMN à puiser dans sa technologie militaire, à commencer par la propulsion hybride, utilisée par les navires de guerre pour sa discrétion thermique et acoustique.

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Yachts France - N°143 March-April 2012
Yachts France - N°143 March-April 2012

March-April 2012
Yachts France - N°143
Un motor yacht de 65m hybride : CMN ONE

D'origine française mais désormais sous la coupe du groupe Abu Dhabi Mar, le chantier CMN vient de communiquer sur un projet entièrement pensé en interne par le bureau d’études : le 65 mètres "One".

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Boat International -  April 2012
Boat International - April 2012

April 2012
Boat International

CMN Showcase design uses military technology
Marketing manager : 'So we have the idea of hybrid propulsion where your boats is going just six or seven knots, very silent. Then with a yacht, wouldn't it be nice to leave Monaco in the morning, when everyone is asleep...

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Superyacht International -  N°31 Winter 2012
Superyacht International - N°31 Winter 2012

Winter 2012
Superyacht International - N°31
Andrew Winch CMNLINE 65 : Elegance & Spirit of the Sea

What’s naval design for Andrew Winch ? I trained as a 3d designer, but if I’m working in Italy I’m very proud to be called the ‘Architecto’. It is to me a symbol of a creative person who collaborates with specialist technical assistance to create works of art.

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