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CMN Yachts second Line 60 ‘Cloud 9’ launched

“After having my kids this is the second most important moment in my life – a milestone in my lifetime achievement” - ‘Cloud 9’ owner


A tour de force for CMN Yachts at Monaco with two 60m yachts. Abu Dhabi Mar Group take three booths for CMN Yachts, Abu Dhabi Mar and new acquisition Nobiskrug.

“The launch of ‘Cloud 9’ is another major milestone in the development of the Line 60 series and for CMN Yachts” comments Thierry Regnault Deputy Manager of CMN Yachts.


‘Cloud 9’ grew from the highly successful 58m ‘Netanya 8’. This worthy bench mark was already tried and tested with extensive Mediterranean cruising with her owner. The move to a 60m configuration was far from a length increase option. The complete hull was re-designed deeper, allowing the main deck to be raised, but keeping the bulwarks to the same profile. The increased internal volume has created a full height ‘engineering deck’ allowing an impressive workshop facility in the tank area. Another feature here is the ability of the crew to access all technical areas right through the deck to the high-volume aft garage.


On trials ‘Cloud 9’ ran at a confirmed speed of an impressive 17 knots. The higher design speed, compared with ‘Netanya 8’, is achieved partly through a longer displacement length and a flatter more refined aft section providing lift and less drag.


The increased overall volume has allowed the design team at Andrew Winch Design to create stunning sight-lines and vistas throughout the whole interior. Andrew Winch comments “Netanya 8 gave us a solid base to work from, the Line 60 development, with the big increase in usable internal space, allowed us to raise the bar considerably with ‘Cloud 9’.”


Thierry Regnault adds “with her blue hull and white superstructure, ‘Cloud 9’ is a very modern but timeless yacht, Andrew has cleverly incorporated features and lines to create a very streamlined profile that will still look impressive many years from now. Charter customers are looking for yachts that will command attention in ports and locations, with ‘Cloud 9’ this impact comes in bucketfuls.


The interior design was driven by clear preferences of the owner and I often refer to as having a ‘beach club’ feel about it.  Finishes are sensible so the owners party or charterers can feel relaxed and fully enjoy the experience of being on board. Although this style suggests simplicity, luxury abounds in the form of the glazed lobby and staircase featuring a glass structure that rises through the centre of the staircase. The owner’s suite is a masterful demonstration of how space, shape and clever use of mirrored panels, including areas on the ceiling, can create a spectacular illusion of size, shape and height.


The maxim ‘the devil is in the detail’ well fits the approach CMN Yachts and Andrew Winch had with ‘Cloud 9’, flush fit fire doors being just one of numerous examples. A look into any of the engineering spaces – which are not cramped – illustrates our philosophy of detailing and quality engineering”.


The owner of ‘Cloud 9’ has appointed Camper & Nicholsons International to handle the marketing and charter opportunities.

Camper and Nicholsons International is a leading charter company in both retail and charter marketing activities, with offices in ten locations globally. Cloud 9 will thus join a truly illustrious collection of luxury charter yachts which befits her status of being one of the most stylish and leading-edge luxury yachts launched in 2009


At the launch party, the owner gave the customary speech alongside the management but had prepared a very personal script for the actual launch ceremony. After cutting the ribbon to allow the champagne to do its duty, he remained on the podium with his family and friends gathered around and delivered this short address.

“Before us you see the reason why all sailing craft are called ‘she’.
Because SHE is beautiful? Those lines, those curves – she is just like a beautiful woman. And like all beautiful women, she has a style and class that’s all her own. But she is also a beautiful French woman, so she is very expensive indeed. You can go out with her, but you must know what you’re doing otherwise you might find yourself out of your depth and in over you head. You can take her to beautiful places and she will always look graceful and regal as she glides quietly by. But if you don’t handle her well, then she can make you look a fool; you’ll be all at sea as she silently resists your attempts to put her in her place. She is really built, but in perfect proportion - not too big on top, not too broad in the beam. She’s got all the right equipment and she knows how to use it. And if you don’t know where you’re going, she’ll point you in the right direction. And, just like a beautiful woman, I know she will have her moods - there will be times when she will tempestuous and headstrong –  when strong arms will be needed to hold her.
At other times she will be quiet and calm – as she finds herself drifting peacefully under a star lit sky. She will travel far and see many things, and yet she will always be home - at sea. Thank you all for being here to see her as she makes her way into the world. She is the Cloud Nine, she is very beautiful indeed - and I love her already.”

We thank the owner for providing us with his original script.


‘Cloud 9’ and her sister ship ‘Slipstream’ formed an unusual joint sale of a new-build programme by both Edmiston and Burgess which resulted in an excellent collaboration between the two brokerage houses.

After the initial two boat contract was agreed, Burgess was retained by both owners to supervise the build project. Burgess was the ideal choice as they have a complement of sixteen naval architects and engineers available to support new build projects with technical supervision and the various approval processes involved.

Jonathan Beckett, CEO of Burgess explains “Right from the start an excellent working relationship was created with all the people at the CMN shipyard, this carried on throughout the whole build programme with full co-operation and a flexible support mentality.

Although there was economy of scale with two yachts being built in the same basic time frame we had the challenge, along with Andrew Winch Designs, to produce two world class yachts within a sensible budget. Our goal, along with the yard and design team, was to deliver excellent value for money. Seeing the end result of both ‘Cloud 9’ and ‘Slipstream’ we all feel we have achieved this and more – a truly sparkling result. Everyone involved at CMN responded to suggestions and worked hard to deliver engineering solutions. This close working relationship was the key to added value throughout all areas of the two finished yachts”.


With the new Line 60m ‘Slipstream’ being showcased at the Monaco Yacht Show, with the latest launching ‘Cloud 9’ in attendance in Monaco as well, CMN Yachts are certainly a tour de force at this prestigious event. Although ‘Cloud 9’ and ‘Slipstream’ are from the Line 60 collection they are both very similar but also worlds apart because they reflect the personal and passionate input from their respective owners.

CMN Yachts can be found at booth QD76 in the builder’s tent and ‘Slipstream’ berthed at T40. CMN and the German yard Nobiskrug (QD10), join Abu Dhabi Mar (QD45) to form the Abu Dhabi Mar Group. Working autonomously but in a unified way the three shipyards retain their individual brands, but also display the group branding. All three yards have separate booths at the Monaco Yacht Show.


CMN Yachts have recently reinforced their on-line presence with a new CMN Yachts main website ( supporting the separate Line 60 website ( As new images become available for both ‘Cloud 9’ and ‘Slipstream’, they will be added to the galleries on both websites.

Thierry Regnault and Cyril Le Sourd will be on hand at the boat show and contactable via their booth, QD76.

© CMN Yachts 2009

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