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The Superyacht Report - ISSUE 129 December 2011 / January 2012

December 2011 / January 2012
The Superyacht Report - ISSUE 129
CMNLINE 65 by Andrew Winch Design

The relationship between a designer and client is the key to a successful project and, in many cases, if the owner likes what he sees and the relationship remains strong, chances are the yacht will deliver with good spirit and energy. A brilliant example of this has to be that of Andrew Winch and the group of owners that built the CMN 60m double act M/Y Slipstream and M/Y Cloud 9. The relationship cemented between the shipyard and designer during the build of these two projects has evolved a new project, the CMN Line 65. MHR reports.

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Summer 2011
CMN new 65m Panache concept, designed by Eidsgaard in London

The new 65m Panache concept, designed by Eidsgaard in London for the CMN yard in France, recalls the glorious era of French transatlantic cruise ship Normandie, as well as the technological innovation, spearheaded by both countries, of the Concorde aircraft.
by Laurent PERIGNON

DownloadELITE Traveler / SUPERYACHTS- SUMMER 2011
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Daniel FEAU / Belles demeures de France -  Eté 2011
Daniel FEAU / Belles demeures de France - Eté 2011

Eté 2011
Daniel FEAU /Belles demeures de France
« CMN construit les stradivarius de la plaisance »

C'est par l'entremise de plusieurs gros clients étrangers, suivis par les agences Daniel FEAU et Belles demeures de France, que nous avons été amenés à rencontrer Cyril LE SOURD. La passion qui l'anime, le souci du détail qui le caractérise, n ous ont poussé à lui laisser carte blanche afin de nous présenter son activité.

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Mer & Bateaux - Avril / Mai 2011
Mer & Bateaux - Avril / Mai 2011

Avril / Mai 2011
La nouvelle génération des CMN

Fruit de la collaboration entre le chantier de Cherbourg et le cabinet Eidsgaard Design basé à Londres, le projet de ce 65m, prônant un retour au style français chix et élégant, vient d'être dévoilé.

DownloadMer & Bateaux - Avril / Mai 2011
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Boat International - April 2011

April 2011
a touch of Panache from CMN…

Eidsgaard Design and CMN have unveiled the yard's latest proposition - the 65m Panache. Boat International was at the launch, and spoke to the designers to get the inside story.

DownloadBoat International - April 2011
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Обзор прессы 2010


Winter 2010/2011
Cloud 9


Despite what cruising habits might suggest, the world’s oceans do not begin and end with St Tropez and St Barths. Leaving the beaten track and heading to the Indian Ocean this winter, the 196’/60m Cloud 9 proves there’s a whole world of possibility.

DownloadELITE Traveler / SUPERYACHTS / Winter 2010-2011
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BENTLEY N°35 autumn 2010
BENTLEY N°35 autumn 2010

N°35 autumn 2010
Cloud 9

The art of engineered design

The launch of the 60-meters Cloud 9 megayacht confirm CMN's place in the refined world of french premium luxury brands

DownloadBENTLEY N°35 autumn 2010
Size:1444 kB - Last modifications : 10/07/2010
The Yacht Report - August/September 2010
The Yacht Report - August/September 2010

The Yacht Report
August/September 2010
Cloud 9

Try Before You Buy
The Superyacht Charter Business Model

In the current market, we are seeing two things happen: yachts are being sold more aggressively with huge discounting to dispose of the fl oating asset, or those clients who still feel that they want their toy have decided to attract an increase in revenue in order to defray costs and make the yacht pay its way.

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Size:711 kB - Last modifications : 9/01/2010
Guards Polo Club Yearbook 2010
GEMS - New Generation Luxury

GEMS - New Generation Luxury
June 2010

The largest motor Yacht by French Shipyard "CMN"

With a 60 meter overall length SLIPSTREAM is the largest motor yacht ever launched by CMN shipyard (France), and the second unit of a new line of Motor-Yachts developed by the shipyard in cooperation with Andrew Winch Designs.

DownloadGEMS - New Generation Luxury - June 2010
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Guards Polo Club Yearbook 2010
The Wealth collection Summer 2010

The Wealth collection
Summer 2010

CMN Shipyard, based in France, the home of excellence and flair for luxury goods, introduces Project 803. This is an exciting venture that provides the opportunity to possess a superyacht, built to a proven formula but awaiting the individual stamp of an owner. Cyril Le Sourd, product manager of CMN, tells The Wealth Collection the story so far of the project’s Line 60 range.

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Size:442 kB - Last modifications : 6/14/2010
Guards Polo Club Yearbook 2010
Guards Polo Club Yearbook 2010

Guards Polo Club
Yearbook 2010
CMN Yachts

"The French passion for style creates luxury vessels that become not just yachts but pieces of art."

DownloadGuards Polo Club Yearbook 2010
Size:429 kB - Last modifications : 6/08/2010
Yachts International / June 2010
Sea & i / Spring Summer 2010

Spring Summer 2010
Sea & i

Step aboard the heavenly charter yacht

Those looking to charter a low-key, beach-club style motoryacht in the Mediterranean this summer will find the recently launched Cloud 9 is the perfect choice

DownloadSea & i / Spring Summer 2010
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Yachts International / June 2010
Mer & Bateaux / Mai Juin 2010

Mai Juin 2010
Mer & Bateaux
Carnet de bord international

Numéro un Français des superyachts

Le président du chantier naval ADM Shipyards, l'entrepreneur franco-libanais Iskandar Safa, qui avait acquis les CMN (Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie) en 1991, confirme qu'il souhaite conforter en Europe la position du chantier français dansl'industrie des superyachts...

DownloadMer & Bateaux / Mai Juin 2010
Size:2075 kB - Last modifications : 4/30/2010
Yachts International / June 2010
Mer & Bateaux / Avril 2010

Avril 2010
Mer & Bateaux

Cloud 9

Arpès Netanya 8 et Slipstream, ce 3ème CMN Line 60 m du chantier de Cherbourg " est émotionnellement un bateau différent et plus classique," selon le Britannique Andrew Winch designer de cette prestigieuse gamme de superyachts.

DownloadMer & Bateaux / Avril 2010
Size:6740 kB - Last modifications : 4/30/2010
Yachts International / June 2010
Boat International ( Russian version ) / April 2010

April 2010
Boat International
(Russian version)

Necker Belle

Самый непредска- зуемый в мире бизнесмен не мог выбрать для себя обычную яхту. Сорвиголова Ричард Брэнсон бороздит морские просторы на борту углепла- стикового парусного катамарана размером с теннисный корт.

DownloadЯХТы Boat International (Russian version) - 04/10
Size:3667 kB - Last modifications : 4/28/2010
Yachts International / June 2010
Superyacht Business / April 2010

April 2010
Superyacht Business
NEW BUILD Round up


Now part of the abu Dhabi Mar group, cherbourg’s cMn is specialised in producing yachts and military craft. cMn is able to call on the expertise of racing yacht builder and sister yard JMV for carbon yacht construction, but it’s the Line 60 — cMV’s ‘highly adaptable platform’ — that is currently keeping the yacht division busy.

DownloadSuperyacht Business - April 2010
Size:361 kB - Last modifications : 4/26/2010
Yachts International / June 2010
Yachts International / June 2010

June 2010
Yachts International


Destined to become a world leader in CMN’s name is certainly not new in the pleasure yacht market, but the shipyard, now part of the recently created Abu Dhabi Mar Group, made quite a splash with the launch of two 197’ sisterships in 2009. The two Andrew Winch-designed vessels, both available for charter, have distinctive personalities but are true sisterships and share a common DNA.

DownloadYachts International - June 2010
Size:7114 kB - Last modifications : 4/02/2010
Arabian Knight / Winter 2010
Arabian Knight / Winter 2010

Winter 2010
Arabian Knight
Abu Dhabi MAR Group powers ahead

Destined to become a world leader in yacht construction and naval shipbuilding, Abu Dhabi MAR Group will be making waves at this year’s Abu Dhabi Yacht Show as it reinforces its new unified brand in the market.

DownloadArabian Knight - Winter 2010
Size:715 kB - Last modifications : 3/19/2010
Yachting / march 2010
Yachting / march 2010

march 2010
New Kid on the Dock

CMN's 60-meter Slipstream makes waves.
Slipstream is a great example of why CMN is turning heads. The largest yacht they've ever built, she features a striking black steel hull...

DownloadYachting - March 2010
Size:425 kB - Last modifications : 3/15/2010
Yachts Russia / march 2010
Yachts Russia / march 2010

march 2010
Yachts Russia
CMN 60 Slipstream

Редкая верфь во Франции выступает в формате semi-custom. Это не помешало нормандской суперяхте CMN 60 Slipstream получить приз за дизайн на последнем салоне в Монако

DownloadYachts Russia / march 2010
Size:3376 kB - Last modifications : 1/26/2011
Yachts Italia / march 2010
Yachts Italia / march 2010

march 2010
Yachts Italia
CMN 60 Slipstream

CMN Yachts, uno dei tre cantieri del gruppo Abu Dhabi Mar, ha recentemente presentato due magnifici yacht della nuova serie di 60 metri: Slipstream e Cloud 9, entrambi firmati da Andrew Winch.

DownloadYachts Italia / march 2010
Size:3039 kB - Last modifications : 1/26/2011
Yachts France / march 2010
Yachts France / march 2010

march 2010
Yachts France
CMN 60 Slipstream

CMN est l’un des rares constructeurs de yachts semi custom encore en activité en France. Deuxième unité de la ligne CMN 60, Slipstream a fait forte impression au dernier salon de Monaco où son propriétaire a reçu le Prix Nymphenburg du design.

DownloadYachts France / march 2010
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The Yacht report, January/February 2010
The Yacht report

annual report 2009/2010
The Yacht Report
Caught Up In It

This yacht was built in tandem and as a two-yacht deal under Burgess's management for two different owners.

DownloadThe Yacht Report - January/February 2010
Size:779 kB - Last modifications : 1/27/2010
Sea & I - Winter 2010
Sea & I - Winter 2010

Winter 2010
Virgin Territories

He famously crossed the Atlantic and Pacific in a hot-air balloon, but with his latest venture entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson is getting closer to the ocean with the launch of his new catamaran Necker Belle

DownloadSea & I - Winter 2010
Size:1295 kB - Last modifications : 1/15/2010
Boat International - January 2010

January 2010
Necker Belle

True to form, Sir Richard Branson has eschewed convention for his first superyacht, choosing to reincarnate a carbon-fibre cruising catamaran with just the right mix of speed, comfort and thrill

DownloadBoat International - January 2010
Size:1961 kB - Last modifications : 1/15/2010
Boat International - January 2010

January 2010
Cloud 9

A step into the unknown for her two owners, this 60 metre is a sublime yacht that will delight guests and charterers alike.

DownloadBoat International - January 2010
Size:1003 kB - Last modifications : 1/05/2010

Обзор прессы 2009

Daniel Féau - Le magazine N°6

Automne / Hiver 2009-2010
Slipstream :
Yacht ou oeuvre d'art ?

DownloadDaniel Féau - Le magazine - N°6
Size:1111 kB - Last modifications : 12/14/2009
Ocean Magazine

Slipstream :
Australian owner's international style

DownloadOcean Magazine - ISSUE 28
Size:1532 kB - Last modifications : 12/14/2009
Mer & Bateau

Exclusif CMN Line 60 M
Slipstream :
Le fleuron des Superyachts Français

DownloadMer & Bateau - October 2009
Size:4708 kB - Last modifications : 10/02/2009
Boat International

The first in CMN’s series of 60 metre yachts introduces a range of improved features, a strong black and silver profile and a distinctive interior by Andrew Winch.

DownloadBoat International- October 2009
Size:1060 kB - Last modifications : 9/28/2009
Mer & Bateaux
DownloadMer & Bateaux- July/august 2009
Size:972 kB - Last modifications : 8/06/2009
The Yacht Report - June 2009
DownloadThe Yacht Report - June 2009
Size:1011 kB - Last modifications : 8/07/2009
Sea & I
DownloadSuperYacht Business - February 2009
Size:755 kB - Last modifications : 6/05/2009
The Yacht Report
DownloadSuperYacht Business - February 2009
Size:690 kB - Last modifications : 3/19/2009
yachtsreview January 2009
Downloadyachtsreview January 2009
Size:838 kB - Last modifications : 2/04/2009
Belles demeures de France / Fine Résidences
DownloadBelles demeures de France / Fine Résidences (Hiver 2008-2009)
Size:381 kB - Last modifications : 12/29/2008

Обзор прессы 2008

The Yacht Report
DownloadThe Yacht Report - June 2008
Size:855 kB - Last modifications : 12/29/2008
Belles demeures de France / Fine Résidences
DownloadBelles demeures de France / Fine Résidences (Hiver 2008-2009)
Size:381 kB - Last modifications : 12/29/2008
Size:2571 kB - Last modifications : 5/16/2008

Обзор прессы 2007

Size:873 kB - Last modifications : 11/12/2007
Mer & Bateaux
DownloadNetanya 8 (Mer & Bateaux oct / nov 2007)
Size:864 kB - Last modifications : 11/12/2007
DownloadThree CMN 58m series in build
Size:420 kB - Last modifications : 4/23/2007
DownloadCMN's new sea view
Size:110 kB - Last modifications : 5/09/2007
DownloadCherbourg fière de Netanya 8
Size:2897 kB - Last modifications : 4/23/2007
DownloadPride of Cherbourg Netanya 8 launches
Size:1252 kB - Last modifications : 5/09/2007
ShowBoats June / July 2007
DownloadCMN’s Largest french yard launches first of 58-meter series
Size:91 kB - Last modifications : 5/24/2007

Обзор прессы 2006

DownloadCMN : L'ère des grands Yachts
Size:3599 kB - Last modifications : 4/23/2007